Cloud Solutions

Let's start with what a cloud service or solution really is! … A “cloud” system is a service or solution that is managed by an external party, and delivered point to point using a network transport mechanism. So basically the term “Cloud” is a new word for the internet. Overzealous marketing types love to do this sort of thing.

Yes, we have a “cloud” too, we don’t call it a cloud system but you understand we had to build it. Staying in the current vernacular however, it is fair to say that our cloud is particularly fluffy. Like most industries, there is a certain amount of ‘keeping up with the Jones’s’, but we really did have to build one, so we thought right… let’s make a bloody good one!

Cloud IT

Slive is a combination of many technologies, all intelligently selected, carefully assembled and rigorously monitored. From multiple host platforms that house more than 30 virtual Windows and Linux guest servers, to the clustered firewalls for performance and the delicately arranged swarm of software services that reside in this highly available infrastructure, all interacting at the speed of light to deliver your email. Marvellous!

At the end of the day, whatever we might like to call it, hosted IT and communication services from XSYS are simple, cost effective and secure. And, because we manage the entire service end to end, there is no pointing the finger at any one else.

We can do many different things with our new toys.
This list is in no way exhaustive…


  • Hosted Microsoft Exchange
  • Hosted Microsoft Applications
  • Hosted Telephony
  • Internet and WAN solutions
  • Email Spam filtering
  • Firewall and content filtering
  • Platform as a service (your server, our hardware)
  • Infrastructure as a service (our server, your software)


So, whether you are setting up or re-inventing your technology systems, the job is a complex one with many different considerations and consequences.We don’t normally charge our customers to come and talk to us in the office over a coffee, but I imagine some companies would. Either way you do it, the minor investment you make in professional advice, can save you many times the value going forward.

Come and talk to us about whatever technology aspirations you have, we are more than happy to gather around one of our whiteboards and explain, in detail, how one might accomplish such a goal, and what to watch out for along the way.

The XSYSlive product range can help get your business moving in the right direction, and more importantly, allow you to focus on your business rather than getting caught up in detail that will never make you money.

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